If there’s ever been a place that’s filled my eyes with tears of pure satisfaction upon first meeting, The Freehand Hotels and it’s outlets hold strong as a top contender. Flavors dancing on the tips of each taste bud and curating unmatchable experiences that will awaken your sweetest dreams. From Miami to Chicago to Los Angeles, the experience has duplicated, and with time and the necessity to provide exceptional hospitality, has improved each time and become more refined like a fine wine.

Every detail has been finely curated. From the housing of the dinnerware to the vessels that hold your perfectly layered beverages. The selected ingredients intermingle with each other to perfect an end flavor that’s unmatchable to any other you’ve ever tasted. And one that will not soon leave your memory, curiosity or pallet. Each sip, each bite and every single engagement with every single person you’ll have once you step within a 500-foot radius of The Freehand Los Angeles will redeem any faith lost in hospitality, craftsmanship and cultural innovation to food + beverage. that may have been misplaced by any poor dining experiences you’ve experienced in the past.

Mind you,  The Freehand is not to be confused with the pretentious, seedy socialite experiences you might see in West Hollywood cocktail bars, lounges or fine dining. The down to earth staff respectfully works hard daily, dedicating time, care and genuine concern + interest in their customers, their craft and their home away from home.

This is amplified and reflected in every sip, every bite, and every layer of flavor that touches each taste bud. Which is what made a good dining experience, exceptional, and what made not only our mouths beg for more, but stole our hearts. If it’s possible to put into a few pictures and words why you should take a trip to downtown Los Angeles, this would be our pick. We’ve put together 3 things you should put in your mouth at The Freehand Los Angeles to satisfy cravings and soothe your curious soul. We promise you’ll leave with memories that last a lifetime and cravings that keep you coming back for more.


Drink from The Freehand
Breakfast with espresso and croissant at The Freehand


Right inside the hotel lobby, you’ll find Café Integral is pouring up freshly brewed coffees and a selection of pastries and other quick bites to kick-start your day or give you that afternoon boost. Café a Lait (non-dairy with almond milk) is my go to and they did not disappoint. The coffee black was just as good. Pastry selection was on point but we settled for a spinach croissant + a healthier (and equally as tasty) contender for kickstarting our lobby laptop party, a chia pudding.



Cocktails at The Freehand
Iced tea at The Freehand


Class + classic. Start with a daiquiri. You’ll never go wrong when you order this timeless staple, especially at a place like this. Rudolph’s Bar and Tea captivates the curious eye with it’s amber lighting, open windows pouring in natural light + decor mixed with antique furniture, glassware, and floor to ceiling potted plants. This lobby bar hosts a hard to choose from selection of old world and new world classic + innovative cocktails, carefully crafted right before your eyes. With teas as a base for a good part of the selection, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this simple staple will transform the aromas, presence and pours of some of your favorite spirits to create cocktails you’ve likely never seen but surely won’t soon forget. The Russian G&T is a must have, not solely for it’s perfection, but presentation is on point. And if you’re feeling adventurous or a calling for something south of the border, the Romance in Durango will take you there.



Flatlay food from The Freehand
Food at The Freehand


For those not able to dedicate a night to downtown for dinner at The Exchange Restaurant, without hesitation, lunch is the next best thing. If I wasn’t too busy stuffing my face and having my mind blown over what the dinner the night before had to offer, I’d have photo evidence that you need to grab some friends and book yourself a table immediately. With consciousness regained, I was reminded that we had not in fact escaped to another country and addiction set deep, and sent us back for more during daylight hours A different selection of tantalizing treats to choose from, properly curated with the mindset that you might have things to do post dine. Salads, sandwiches, and soups, set to share but also portioned perfectly for lunch for one if you’re rolling solo for the experience, this was the perfect place to have a noonish escape. If our bellies were as big as our eyes, we’d for sure have ordered the menu as a whole, but with realism setting in, we settled on the Tunisian sandwich, the Mixed Lentil soup + a the seasonal bowl, the Asian Grain Salad. Double click for a 1 like, times 100 here.


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