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“did you say you’re going to kununurra? (long pause) why?!” a man next to me said as we took off from dallas to sydney. turns out not many people have ever heard of kununurra, not even the locals.

melo and i went through our game plan on the plane with some locals. they gave us advice and tips on what we should do and to be careful in this strange north western desolate land we would be spending a few days in.

when we landed in sydney our eyes lit up with joy. only twenty four hours in sydney, what to do you may ask.

coffee, beer, sydney opera house, shop, tequila, make friends, din thai fung, mezcal, and finish off with some nice whiskey at the baxter inn.

the next morning and our three flights to kununurra were a blur. all we knew was reality set in as we landed in a little shack with nothing but little stairs to exit the plane.

the next day we would be greeted by andrea. andrea and her husband own and maintain the chia farm for chia co. and are the only suppliers of chia in kununurra. we learned much more about the farm and their lifestyle over the next couple days. andrea instantly made us feel like family. she took us on a scenic drive around kununurra and had us jumping on top of road signs, posing with trees, doing headstands in the street. her energy was exactly what we needed. she made us feel like a friend had picked us up and was proudly showing off the place they called home.

the hot springs were unlike anything we could imagine. they were wild and natural. we all relaxed in the springs, took pictures and videos and talked about life. it was well appreciated after days of long flights. our stay was short as the springs closed down at noon for people who spend more money at expensive hotels, or celebrities that want them for themselves and we left the hot springs a little sad, but rejuvenated.

relaxed and refreshed, our next stop was lunch and a helicopter ride. melo and i had bats in our stomachs as we approached the helicopter. regardless, nothing took away from the joy we experienced in this moment. our smiles were ear to ear the whole entire ride. you could feel every gust of wind and every little movement on the ride. we looked over waterholes, small man made fires, beautiful rivers and lots of green foliage that stuck out in the kununurra red clay-ish sand.  we felt like the luckiest girls alive.

we parted ways with andrea that night and were on our own the next day to get out and see what else we could find in the outskirts of western australia. we spent the day exploring lake argyle and fell asleep early. the day of our departure, we got an unexpected surprise and andrea contacted us to show us around her farm and show us where the wallabies hang out.

the morning was spent quietly creeping around trees and bushes so we wouldn’t scare them. the wallabies were too smart for us though and spotted us from every direction. they were funny to see, i found myself comparing them to deer in the states.

andrea welcomed us into her home on her farm and introduced us to her family and her puppies. she told us about all the hard work that goes into each crop and how sometimes the birds or bugs attack the fields basically leaving all that hard work to go to waste. she told us about experimental crops and how they really don’t know if these will work, but if they do it could be revolutionary. it was extremely inspirational and admirable to see. so many people conveniently just pop into a whole foods in the states, and grab their pack of chia co. chia seeds and go on about their day without the realization of all the hard work behind this one little tiny seed. they have no idea.

we wrapped up at the farm and headed to lunch at the sandalwood café and received parting gifts from andrea, little souvenirs she bought for us to take back home. we are forever grateful for her and chia co. for giving us such an amazing experience. considering locals don’t even know of this magical little farm town, we would have never been able to find it without this opportunity.  these days were filled with experiences we’ll never forget. sad to leave kununurra, but excited for the week ahead with the next stop in the horizon, byron bay.




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