J O I N  T H E  M O V E M E N T  


We’re currently looking for a few good souls. Extensions of the internal team who are exploring to curate experiences that inspire. Those out doing the things, finding things and creating stories. The creative, brave + adventurous who are passionate about sharing their stories to inspire others to get one step closer to merging the gaps between everyday life and exploration.

As part of the BTS Tribe, you’ll be a vital asset in building Stranded on Land as a trusted go to for helping our community with living life between adventuring and the daily grind + defining what it means to #getoutsidethegrind.

Are you ready to share your way of life + amplify getting out of your comfort zone through travel + the outdoors? Are you passionate about adventuring responsibly + consuming consciously? Do you have collection of photos, stories + creations that you’d like to share with the world + need a place for it to call home?

This is your space, our space + together we’re creating a digital platform that inspires people to act by sharing our truths as we discover them through movement, through creativity, through collaborations, through the outdoors, through travel. And through our stories told, encouraging others to seek wholeheartedly finding the space to take action + then living the truths of what this means to them.


Interested in joining the tribe and becoming a champion for Stranded on Land? Here’s the deal:



you are:

* An advocate for the travel, the outdoors, exploring, art, creativity and community.
* Adventuring consciously + consuming responsibly. You buy + believe in brands that are for people + the planet over profits.
* Pushing your own boundaries, trying new things + getting out.
* Knowledgeable in your areas of interest + are continually seeking to learn more. Climbing or hiking. biking or surfing, paddling or diving.
* You’re the one that people look to when they need some advice on the best of the best and the what, where, when and how. passionate about sharing your experiences, knowledge and time about the what’s what of what helps you get outside the grind.
* Honest, organize, professional and savvy with web + social media things.
* Interested in being a part of growing a platform that inspires and connects a community of people curious to explore more.

you’ve got:

* A way with words + an eye for freezing time through photos, videos + art.
* A few hours a month to get outside the grind to connect, capture + create stories, guides + experiences that inspire.
* The ability to build honest recaps about experiences with brands, products, services + places in order to help create a creditable network or partners for a growing community, on and offline through your passion and experience.

you’ll get:

* Access to sweet goods, gear + experiences in exchange for content + reviews.
* Deals and discounts with our preferred partners
* Exposure of your work on the site + links to your website + social
* Opportunities to make disposable income by being outdoors and doing what you love