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spend time in activities such as climbing diving, surfing, boarding, hiking, camping, etc. challenging your limitations through nature and the outdoors.


level of knowledge and understanding of your sport and are able to provide some basic education to someone who may be interested in trying for the first time?


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remember that feeling

you had when you were in the moment of one of your favorite adventures? the first time you caught a wave on your own, when you tackled a sixteener like a champ, or that really scary, close call moment you had out on the crag?

do you recall the faces

of your best buds as you told the story in detail, how they grasped onto each moment and how excited they were that you made it out alive. how many times have you been told that you’re brave, inspiring or that someone wants to be like you or do what you do?

what if you could share these stories and this feeling with others

who are just like you, out there living their outdoor dreams or some who need a little motivation as to why they should join the movement to get out of their comfort zone and into outdoor adventuring.

we’ve got you covered.

#SOMESTORIESINSPIRE is a place to call home for all these stories untold or re-told through our journalistic style blog. you’ll be able to tell that story (or multiple for all you crazy venturers) of your favorite moments in exploration through your words, images and videos with our community. 

let’s be honest, nothing get’s us more stoked to get out and get active than hearing and seeing someone else’s crazy adventure or tackle a new goal.

do you have a rad story to tell, we’re all ears.


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we’re excited about getting out of the daily grind and exploring more and are working on social campaigns to get people excited, on and offline about this too.


we don’t believe in boxes and you shouldn’t either. join us in spreading awareness, encourage sporadic venturing or championing for the greater good for the outdoors.


check back here for our latest campaign for a social cause + contests and find out how you can get involved, on and offline.


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storytelling inspires action. and action is where the stories are created. we’re looking for a few good souls, amazing venturers and story tellers just like you.


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