“The team has been a pleasure to work with. The passion behind Eunique’s vision to bring together brands and businesses with like-minded mission’s is extraordinary. She makes creating a community of connections exciting + worthwhile. Our new brand has benefitted from the local support by seeing our clothing worn + captured in splendid imagery that drives potential customers to our website. They have followed through with the appropriate social recognition and features that tie our website’s together. We very much appreciate the honest review about the performance and feel of our activewear. Overall, I know if we need a partner for creative events that Stranded on Land is our go to!” – Melinda Haller, Marketing Director, Amari Active

“We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Stranded on Land on multiple creative projects + have been beyond impressed with their project management skills, writing and content creation. The team has a natural ability to connect and grow one’s brand organically through experiences and story telling.” – Annika Walden, Business Development Manager, Surfhouse Boutique Motel

“We are LOVING the Instagram stories so far!! You and the SOL crew seem to be really living it up and we couldn’t be more excited to see the final results. Thank you again for all of your help and encouragement as we work to build our brand. You and Stranded on Land have been such a great inspiration and we couldn’t be more stoked to have met you.” – Brian Poage, Co-Founder, Aloha for People 

“Eunique is driven and passionate about any project she takes on. She offers a distinct world view and is inquisitve about everyone she meets and their background story.” – Hilary Bonebakker, Partner, The Knot Group

“Eunique is an absolute gem. She is genuine and puts her passion and heart into everything she does. She’s been such a pleasure to work with over the years and I standby and support any initiative she takes on.” – Martin Solorzano, Founder, Staffed Inc. Events Staffing

“Eunique is a very spirited, kind soul who doesn’t settle for anything but the best – for herself, her dreams, her goals, etc. She’s in constant pursuit of achieving success but not just for herself, for others as well. She’s a true team player and sees value in teamwork. Her creativity, passion and thoughtfulness come through in all her work.” – Jacinta Chen, Former Account Director, Mirrorball

“Eunique is a self-starter and a very passion-driven person. She’s also someone with a tremendous appetite to change the world around her and make a difference in everything she touches. While Eunique worked for my company, she operated as our sole employee in the Miami market – the results she was able to achieve were nothing short of mind-blowing. Her entrepreneurial spirit ins self-evident in her approach, attention to detail and her tenacity to build on her own successes.” – Stephen Papageorge, Former Partner/Chief Creative Officer, Mirrorball

“I have worked with Eunique on a regular basis for over two years. I first started working with Eunique when she was with Perrier and was immediately amazed at her ability to multitask and maintain organization while hosting numerous activations in the course of a week, sometimes even within a day. Her ability to always smile and consistently deliver is a rare quality to find. I was lucky enough to keep working with her with Stolen Run and she remains one of my favorite people to collaborate with for events and activations here at Broken Shaker.” – Amanda Lee, Brand Manager, The Freehand

“Eunique is a people person, she is great at connecting people and finding something in common with everyone. She always keeps the best interest of clients, coworkers and peers in mind. Eunique is a forward thinking brand strategies and has deep insight when developing campaigns and creative ideas for brands. She puts all her energy into her work and it makes a difference!” – Dominique Breard, Marketing Manager, Design Miami

“Eunique is someone who thrives on thinking differently. To her, there is not one path to success, there are many. She sometimes choose the path less traveled to get to success but along the way she is better for it. She is an asset to anything she touches from a business perspective. She also brings people together through her positive energy and attitude.” – Gabriel Urrutia, Luxury Brand Specialist, Beam Suntory

“Love your writing, it’s so free and limitless. IT’s not confined to any rules which is pretty and inspiring.” – Galena Mosovich, Freelance Writer

“Your writing is really beautiful. I absolutely love it. It is eloquent and engaging and really touches a space that is often hard to define.” – Alisha Ochoa, Boss Babes Brunch Club

“Eunique is a great entrepreneur because she is extremely passionate about everything she does. She has amazing ideas and isn’t afraid to get out there and make it happen. Not only did she start Stranded on Land, she also has experience running large events and brand management for well-known companies. IF I need help in a new business venture with fresh new ideas, I definitely would want Eunique on my side.” – Lara Michelle Dalton-Bryant


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